Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Ubud is beautiful site to visit

Location of Ubud relatively close to Denpasar, about 25 kilometers, offers a selection of places to stay. Through Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra, of Kuta only takes a maximum of one hour.

By staying in the southern part of Bali, tourists will enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, next to the rural atmosphere is still thick fields.

If your wallet is thick, so-so savor a luxury hotel on the outskirts of the Ayung River. Hotels and villas in the area serving a variety of spectacular views of rice terraces and cliffs times.Another option, cottages and cottage around Puri Ubud. There you can mingle with the people. The owner of the cottage even equip the service with mebanten or prepare offerings and miscellaneous equipment religious ceremonies.

There are some exquisite stopover place to visit in the "rear" of Ubud. One is Tegallantang. If you are a fan of bikes, why not try to use the bike. Problem rentals, do not worry. This Bali! By bike, the whole atmosphere around will be easily caught.

Ensure walk along the road to Tegallalang village located 5 kilometers north of Ubud. The village is a village of wooden craft is coupled with a panorama of rice fields berterasering. Unfortunately, the expanse of beautiful scenery that at some point has been closed row of houses craft shops or kiosks. Go into the streets of the village, one of them in the hamlet Ceking. The view presented, the atmosphere artisans also caught the eye.

Out of Tegallalang, navigate a trip to Pakudui, Sebatu. Pakudui village famous as a producer of wooden sculptures, a special form of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). That's where the authenticity of making statues GWK will be enjoyed directly. Statue for tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah in the village. Satisfied with various handicrafts, prepare yourself to get the spiritual atmosphere of Bali, just 400 meters to the east Pakudui. It was there Pura Gunung Kawi, Sebatu, is located.

If the time is right in the middle of the day, a number of food stalls and restaurants in Ubud is waiting. If you are a tourist who can eat all kinds of food, suckling pig stalls Bu Oka next to the complex Puri Ubud worth a visit.

For halal food is very diverse. Bebek Bengil famous Warung Nasi Spot Mixed Kadewatan Bu Mangku in Kadewatan not be abandoned. If a formal impression we have encountered in Bebek Bengil, more relaxed atmosphere presented at Warung Bu Mangku.

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