Monday, September 5, 2016

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around the villa in Bali

It is nice, this time we can take a vacation at a villa in Bali. Forgetting all the routine activities of a burden every day. Resting the body, mind and feelings are often forced to work without interruption. Enjoy the tranquility in a comfortable and beautiful. Yes, indeed appease the soul and heart.

With family, togetherness even more enjoyable. Friends had invited his family as well, the more the merrier and tasted better days.

The strategic location with beautiful scenery is an added value for villa in Bali. The morning-to be a walk in the park in the cool hillside, while the evening can enjoy the beach also located not far from the villa. The following day, alternately, morning at the beach, afternoon in the hills. Our family love the streets to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the villa in Bali, while families of our friends have been more pleased lazed on the villa terrace, sun act like habit Caucasians, but their skin is already dark. It often became a joke between us. 

One day, we rented a bike and use it to get around the villages around the villa in Bali. Say hello to the people of Bali are so friendly and has a unique tradition for us. Make friends with them, and view them practice playing music and dancing. Buying goods from pengerajinnya Balinese handicrafts directly. Even our craftsmen tungguhi it menyeselaikan a unique sculpture, and we bought it. More satisfied it feels to buy goods with out the manufacturing process, rather than just buy them at the store.

Still with the bike, we continue the journey along the beautiful beaches. On the left the hill with green trees, on the right beach with white sand and the waves kept chasing. When we looked back glimpsed villa in Bali where we stayed far away, next to the multi-storey building which looked lovely in-Selah Selah trees and hills. Up the beach that many bebatuannya we stopped to sit watching the beautiful world. Playing the sand and surf, and occasionally look for small animals in the beach.

We continue our streets when he saw several fishing boats were anchored. And that afternoon we brought some fish, and in the evening to ask for help officers villa in Bali, we and friends enjoying grilled fish.

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